2017 Penn Valley Holiday Lights in the Park

Hi Everyone…

Come see our second annual Christmas dog park display at Western Gateway Park this Friday or Saturday night (December 15 or 16) from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. The first 50 cars each night will receive a goody bag with a little surprise from us. We hope you enjoy this fun event sponsored by our local Penn Valley Chamber of Commerce. Merry Christmas!


We have had several requests to host another rattlesnake avoidance dog training clinic this summer. We need at least 30 dogs enrolled to schedule this in August. Contact Jeri at 530-432-4949 or send an email to info@westerngatewaydogpark.org if interested.

Annual Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic


Don’t take a chance on your dog getting bitten by a rattlesnake this year.  Enroll in our Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic on April 29th, 2017 here at the dog park.  Registration forms are on this website, at the dog park, and at local veterinary clinics and pet supply stores in our county.

New Membership Sign-ups and Volunteer Drive

dogs having fun in Penn valley dog park

Hi Everyone. Hope you are enjoying this HOT weather! We just held our new Board elections and are very happy to welcome the following members on staff: President – Jeri Stone, Vice President – Joanna Fahey, Treasurer – Karen Bunnell, Secretary – Jill Mendelsohn, and Directors – Genice Froehlich, Chuck Wilson, Bob Bumgarner, and Bill Rash.

Most of the capital improvements to the dog park will be completed by this fall, but we are still looking for donations to complete our memorial area and to reseal the asphalt road. Park maintenance will be ongoing, so please become annual members and volunteer an hour of your time each month to help where you can. None of us get paid for working so hard on the park and it would really be appreciated if more people could pitch in once in awhile. Information fliers are in the mail box on the shed and you can also go to our contact page here on the website. Thank you.

Jeri Stone, Pres.
Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park

New Dog Pool Area Coming Soon

Dog in pool at dog park in Penn Valley

We are converting the cement patio in the all dog yard to the new pool area for the dogs.  This focused area will provide shade for the dogs while they cool off in our new Rubbermaid stock tanks and eliminate the need for kiddie pools throughout the dog park.  It will also conserve on water usage and prevent so many wet areas in the yards.  We should have this change implemented within the next week or so.  

Upcoming Board Elections in July

Important Note: There will be no board meeting in June. New officer elections for the following term will be held during our July 18th meeting. Anyone interested in becoming a board member should contact us for inclusion on the ballot. (Only 2016 paid members will be allowed to vote.)

Rattlesnake Clinic Article in the Union Newspaper


Get rattled: Rattlesnake avoidance clinic for dogs April 30

“Get Rattled,” a canine snakebite prevention program, has partnered with Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park in Penn Valley to host a rattlesnake avoidance training clinic April 30.

Area pet owners are encouraged to take part, said Jeri Stone, president of Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park.

Stone said appointments are scheduled by pre-paid reservations between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Sessions last between 10 to 30 minutes each.

The cost is $85 per dog. (Current members of Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park receive a $10 discount.)

Refresher training for dogs who have previously gone through this program with “Get Rattled” is $60.

Any and all proceeds collected above cost will help to continue improvements and ongoing maintenance at Western Gateway Dog Park.

According to the California Poison Control System, the state’s current warmer-than-average weather means that this spring and summer will likely be a very active rattler season.

“I’d say that most dog owners don’t really think about snake bites until they see a rattlesnake for themselves, in parks, or their backyards, and then realize their dogs can be at risk,” says John Potash, co-founder and co-owner of “Get Rattled.”

“‘Get Rattled” is a unique training clinic designed specifically to teach dogs on rattlesnake avoidance,” he added. “We have been teaching this clinic for 15 years and have successfully trained thousands of dogs.”

Potash is licensed by the Nevada Department of Wildlife and has over 25 years of experience working with venomous snakes and wildlife in areas of animal control, wildlife rescue, and public education. He works with skilled dog trainer Willie J. Stevens Jr., who has over 20 years of experience training and judging pointing dogs.

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training is a crucial tool for dog owners.

“Prevention is your number one line of defense in protecting your dogs from venomous snakes,” Potash added. “When dogs and their owners go hiking or to the dog parks to go off leash, this training teaches them to be fearful of the rattlesnake. It protects people as well, as the dog becomes an alert system.”

The clinic requires the use of a remote training collar that will be customized to fit each dog.

Registration forms can be printed directly from the website, westerngatewaydogpark.org, or they may be picked up at the Dog Park and at some of the following locations: local pet supply stores, veterinary clinics and dog trainers.

“Please read the registration form carefully,” Stone said. “While no dog training is guaranteed, this clinic will help provide local dog owners extra assurance and peace of mind this summer that their dogs will avoid dangerous rattlesnake encounters — protecting their health, and their families from suffering the pain and medical costs of a rattlesnake bite.”

For more information, including the exact location of the training sessions, visit the website at:westerngatewaydogpark.org and click on “upcoming events.”

For further questions, contact Stone at 530-432-4949.

Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic Reminder

rattlesnake image

Just a reminder about our Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic on April 30, 2016…Wildlife experts say that rattlesnakes are emerging from hibernation earlier this year, their food supply boosted by winter storms. (Typically, people start seeing rattlesnakes around April and on through September, but this year they have been seen in early March.)

Dogs are 20 times more likely than humans to be bitten and 25 times more likely to die, according to the Animal Medical Center of Southern California, so it is extremely important that you consider rattlesnake avoidance training for your pet. You can download the registration form here on our website for the training while appointment times are still available. We will always try to accommodate you. You may also call me at 530-432-4949. Jeri Stone 

More on Rattlesnakes and Protecting Your Furry Friend

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Rattlesnake Vaccine: What You Should Consider

Over the years Sierra Animal Wellness Center in Colfax has received inquiries about protecting dogs from rattlesnakes via vaccine. Like U.C. Davis, they do not stock or recommend the rattlesnake vaccine currently available. They concur with the university, the AVMA, the AAHA canine vaccine task force and vaccine expert Dr. Jean Dodds that the “information regarding the efficacy of rattlesnake vaccine is insufficient”, it “may produce adverse events with limited benefit” and snake bites generally “respond readily to treatment”. To read more about this vaccine click on Rattlesnake Vaccine: What You Should Consider, go to their website at www.sierraanimalwellnesscenter.com.

Rattlesnake Do’s and Don’ts

“Rattlesnake Do’s and Don’ts” was published in a previous newsletter and is on their web site under “Resources”. It contains information on snake avoidance, recognizing symptoms of snake bite and, if the worst should happen and your dog is bit, what to do and, just as important, what not to do. We hope you never need this, but living in our area it is a good idea to be prepared. Go to www.sierraanimalwellnesscenter.com to read the article.

Rattlesnake Avoidance Flier


Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park Presents…

(Recommended by VCA Loomis Basin Vet Clinic, 1800 Pets and Vets, Brighten Greens Vet Hospital and others)

WHEN: Saturday, April 30, 2016
WHERE: Western Gateway Dog Park
TIME: 9am to 3pm
TRAINERS: Get Rattled, Reno, NV

You and your dog can encounter rattlesnakes almost anywhere: your yard, the
local park, hiking trail, ranch, etc. Help protect your dog from a painful, costly,
and often deadly encounter with a rattlesnake. Any breed or size dog will benefit
from this training!

HOW DOES IT WORK? By introducing your dog to juvenile and adult LIVE and
SAFELY NEUTRALIZED rattlesnakes of the species found in our area, the
trainers will use a remote training (shock) collar to provide an appropriate
correction and effectively teach your dog to avoid the sights, sounds and smells
of rattlesnakes. This will provide a memorable experience so that most dogs will
avoid rattlesnakes, although some may need additional training.
The cost for training is $85.00 per dog, and space must be reserved in
advance. Current members of Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park will
receive a $10.00 discount. Refresher training for dogs who have previously
gone through this program with Get Rattled is $60.00. Any and all proceeds
collected above cost will help to continue improvements and maintenance at
Western Gateway Dog Park.

For more information, visit www.westerngatewaydogpark.org and click on
“Upcoming Events”. Registration forms can be printed directly from the website,
or may be picked up at the dog park and at some of the following nearby
locations: pet supply stores, veterinary clinics and dog trainers. If you have
further questions, send an email to info@westerngatewaydogpark.org, or
contact Jeri Stone, President of Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park at 530-

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